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RoboServer Systems Corp. provides clients in business and government with touch screen self-service systems that include hardware, software, and services.

RoboServer Systems are versatile, with powerful applications:

  Payment Processing
    Cash, Checks, Money Orders
Credit Cards, Debit Cards
Gift Cards, Vouchers
  Point of Sale (P.O.S.) Systems
  Customer Self-Ordering
Products, Services
Licenses, Permits

Touch screen technology is at the heart of every RoboServer System. Touch screens are convenient and easy to use. RoboServer customizes the look-and-feel of the touch screens to satisfy each client's unique requirements.

RoboServer's software is compatible with the widest range of digital kiosks and countertop units.

RoboServer specializes in customizing systems to match clients' business practices, delivering high-quality kiosks that are configured with the right hardware options, innovative software solutions, and the best screen designs.

Find out more about RoboServer Systems: we can serve as your one-source solution to give your organization and your customers the Self-Service Advantage.



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